Top reasons to use Connexa

Connexa Excel utilities allow you to turn a spreadsheet into a powerful tool for you and your co-workers.

Some of the advantages:

  • View and edit your company‚Äôs data in a single spreadsheet (two-way communication)
  • Data is stored in a centralized Access database
  • Make use of all the advantages of Excel and Access combined
  • Only basic knowledge of Excel is required (no extra schooling of your employees)
  • Shows predefined and custom queries directly in Excel
  • Explores MS Access objects via Excel without MS Access installed
  • Use Excel formula’s and drag-fill to create data in MS Access tables
  • Supports secure multi-user collaboration via Excel
  • Creates input validations in Excel through MS Access (data type) definitions
  • Executes (parameterized) MS Access action queries from within MS Excel
  • And much more!
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