Development of Connexa SS kicked off

With the Connexa XS Excel add-in you can explore and edit data in a MS Access database. We increasingly notice that customers want to write back changes to MS SQL Server (Express).  To meet this need we decided to develop a specific version for this type of database.

Connexa SS will enable two-way communication between Excel and MS SQL Server (Express). The add-in will use the same interface technology as Connexa XS. Thus the look & feel of this new product will be very similar to Connexa XS. There will be differences as well of course; the way the connection is se up is different obviously. And in addition to exploring tables and queries / stored procedures you’ll also be able to execute SQL Server views from the add-in ribbon.

Write an email to if you’d like to participate in the beta-testing programme of Connexa SS. When testing is over you’d be entitled to a registered version of the final release!

Connexa SS Preview


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