Connexa XS: Revision 6 is here!

The release of Connexa 2.49 rev. 4 last month was a big success. Thank you for all the positive feedback!
Some of the feedback came in the form of desired functionality. We listened. In revision 6 it is now possible to:

  • Sort data in a table sheet (finally!)
  • Retain customized column widths after save/refresh
  • Validate data as it is copied into a table sheet
  • Show the last custom SQL statement in the SQL input form

The sample database also got overhauled for you reviewing pleasure šŸ™‚

As always: tell us what you think!




Development of Connexa SS kicked off

With the Connexa XS Excel add-in you can explore and edit data in a MS Access database. We increasingly notice that customers want to write back changes to MS SQL Server (Express).Ā  To meet this need we decided to develop a specific version for this type of database.

Connexa SS will enable two-way communication between Excel and MS SQL Server (Express). The add-in will use the same interface technology as Connexa XS. Thus the look & feel of this new product will be very similar to Connexa XS. There will be differences as well of course; the way the connection is se up is different obviously. And in addition to exploring tables and queries / stored procedures you’ll also be able to execute SQL Server views from the add-in ribbon.

Write an email to if you’d like to participate in the beta-testing programme of Connexa SS. When testing is over you’d be entitled to a registered version of the final release!

Connexa SS Preview


Connexion XS: revision 4 is now available

Last spring we released a major version updateĀ  of Connexa XS. Since then we’ve been collecting feedback from our clients regarding bugs and desired functionality.

After three minor bugfix releases we are now proud to announce version 2.49 revision 4. Most notable changes:

  • Enhanced performance while writing back changes to the database
  • Prevention of cell drag and cut/paste in a table sheet
  • Cell formatting capabilities in a table sheet (which will allow you to filter on color!)
  • Availability of Undo functionality in a table sheet
  • Implementation of various bugfixes and checks

Weā€™re sure you will love this version. But don’t take our word for it. Give it a go yourself!

New version Connexa XS released!

As of 23 april 2015Ā a brand new version of Connexa XSĀ  is available for download. Apart from numerous ‘under-the-hood’ improvements and some minor bug fixing these are some of the notable changes:

  • Introduction of custom context menu in the table tab
  • Changes regarding on-the-fly SQL execution
  • Enhancement of multi-row edit operations
  • Much needed style & layout overhaul
  • Improved 64-bit (API) support

Download a trial version and tell us what you think. We’d love to hear from you!

Screenshots (click to enlarge)




Support for Connexa XS Classic has ended.

As of Januari 1, 2015 there will be no more updates or technical support for Connexa XS Classic. Since April 2014 Microsoft seized support for Office 2003 although most users already moved on from that version.

Connexa XS Classic will still be available for legacy purposes.


Migration finished!

We’re happy to report that we succesfully finished migrating our site to this new location.
If you ended up here following a specific link please find the page you were looking for based on where you came from:


    Go to: Connexa XS

We hope you enjoy visting our new site.
Red Circle Software

Connexa XS Classic launched!


[UPDATE: As of 1 January 2015 support regarding Connexa XS Classic has stopped]


We are proud to announce that the second add-in of the Connexa product family is finally launched.
Just like its sibling Connexa XS Classic will enable you to interact with MS Access through Excel. In this way, theĀ formidableĀ database capabilities of MS Access can finally be combined with the convenience of MS Excel.
Connexa XS Classic offers the same functionality as itsĀ predecessor Connexa XS. Obviously, there are some differences as well. Connexa XS Classic is targeted at the ‘vintage’ Office versions: it was developed to interact with Office 2002 (‘XP’) and Office 2003.

The most visible difference is the way navigation is implemented by the add-ins.
Connexa XS has a custom ribbon tab to unlock its functionality:

Connexa XS Classic, however, uses the good-old menu and commandbar:

Some other differences:

  • File format of the Excel interface is .xls instead of .xlsx
  • Only MS Access file types .mdb and .mde are supported

We hope this add-in will help you better organise and dispose your data needs.
You can try it out here.

The Connexa team

Red Circle Software established

To distinct between our consultancy activities and our software enterprise Red Circle Software was established today. Delegate will continue to provide consultancy services to its clients. All activities regarding the development and marketing of software will be organised in Red Circle Software.

Special focus will be kept on the further development of the Connexa product portfolio; the collection of MS Excel add-ins implementing database interface technology. As a consequence Connexa has also been registered as a trading name. We are convinced these changes will help our customers identifying our great products and services.

Connexa XS launched!

After many months of development the first Connexa excel add-in is now officially launched!
Connexa XS will enable you to interact with MS Access through Excel. In this way, theĀ formidableĀ database capabilities of Access can finally be combined with the convenience of Excel.

There are many ways to display Access data in spreadsheets. However, until now no easy solution existed to write back changes you made in Excel to a database. Connexa will do just that.
You can try it our here.

We hope you enjoy our product as much as we did developing it!

The Connexa team

Beta-testing add-in started

Throughout July and August we’ve been working hard down here in Soest. Goal was to wrap up the development stage before the end of the summer. The devil is always in the details! At last we can finally commence the final stage before launch: (beta-)testing. We wish our testers the best of luck!